Compose scalable DeFi dApps on Vulcan Chain
quickly and easily using the

Hack and win $125k in prizes!


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SafuuX and DeFi

The objective of the Hyperverse-Vulcan Hackathon is straightforward - to bring DeFi tech to the masses and accelerate the adoption of Web3.

Participants will have Dec 2022 to build projects that span a variety of DeFi use cases using the ⌘Hyperverse Smart Modules.

Click below for documentation, Builderkit and submission forms!

🤑 Total Prize Pool of $125k! 🤑

First Place

2 Teams will win
$25,000 each

Second Place

3 Teams will win
$10,000 each

Third Place

5 Teams will win

$5,000 each

Community Choice Prizes

20 Prizes at

$1,000 each

Winner Announcement: March 2023!

For more information and Hackathon fun, pop into our Discord; this is also the spot to scout for your team members. Remember to join the conversation in the Vulcan Chain Working Group.

‍Explore our docs or visit our YouTube channel for some helpful videos.‍

Good luck, and let’s 🚀 BUIDL some cool stuff!


The Hyperverse x Vulcan DeFi Hackathon is intended for collaboration and learning to benefit the broader community. Projects will be evaluated by judges based on their technological merits and not necessarily any legal viability. Hackathon participants will be creating their projects solely for the purposes of evaluation and not for commercial deployment or release. The judges/organizers have the right to disqualify any participant on the grounds of misbehavior, violation of ethics, misconduct or disrespect to other participants in the Hackathon.