What is HyperverseDAO?

HyperverseDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization governed by a growing community of driven web developers. It manages the Hyperverse - an open, blockchain-agnostic, decentralized marketplace for composable smart contracts.

Our Mission?

Our mission is to onboard 10 million, driven web developers to Web3, by making it familiar and easy to build robust blockchain apps without writing a single line of smart contract code. And, we're doing this with the power of community and Web3 culture.

Why HyperverseDAO?

By making Web3 accessible to millions of existing web developers, the Hyperverse is accelerating the growth and adoption of decentralized technologies at scale. We are also creating innovative solutions for smart contract development, security, monetization and discoverability that work cross-chain on the Hyperverse.

The result - the most comprehensive marketplace for smart contracts ever created, that’s open, yet secure. Currently, the Hyperverse is active for Flow, Algorand, Ethereum, as well as EVM-focused on Metis, Polygon and Celo.

HyperverseDAO Season Zero

What is a “Season”?

A season is a discrete period of time when the HyperverseDAO members can come together to align on projects and experiments that help us in achieving our broader mission and goals.

Season Zero Key Objectives:

  1. Edit/establish a clear set of guiding principles for the community to follow

  2. Onboarding contributors to start taking on roles and responsibilities within the DAO

  3. Connect with DAO members regularly to discuss way forward and accelerate feedback loops

  4. Document learnings and processes to sustain a viable DAO structure

  5. Empower developers and be a hub for the builders of Web3

Working Group Structure

There are 3 different units. Under each are individual working groups (WG), as well as a core team that’s composed of leads from each WG. Each unit will operate independently, as they report out and collaborate via weekly calls with the Strategic WG. The Strategic WG will also hold their own weekly meetings, making sure all units are on track, reaching their outlined checkpoints and following the HyperverseDAO roadmap.

Strategic Working Group

The Strategic WG's goal is to oversee and help guide the direction of the HyperverseDAO. These members will have prior experience in strategy focused development roles and will help contributors of all experience levels learn and gain further experience. They will execute on strategic goals and will focus on fostering and growing a welcoming and supportive environment for the Hyperverse community. They will be collaborating and having weekly meetings with all core teams from each unit.

Operations Unit

The operations unit consists of five WGs (Community, Engineering, Marketing, Business, and Growth). Its mission is to manage the day-to-day operations of the DAO. Within the operations unit there is a core team, which includes one lead from each WG. Each of the five WG will have a lead and co-lead. WGs may choose to have multiple co-leads.

Community WG
The Community WG coordinates all community activities within the DAO. This includes onboarding new members and contributors, collaborating with other communities, keeping existing members engaged, challenges, giveaways, etc. This group also provides tracking, reporting and rewarding all contributors for their activity. The Community WG will organize training sessions such as FastCamps, attend conferences, host and organize events and plan campaigns in collaboration with the Growth and Marketing WGs.

Engineering WG
The Engineering WG works on core Hyperverse engineering which includes developing and maintaining technical specifications, core libraries, Hyperverse common web properties, and all Hyperverse features that are common across all protocols.

Marketing WG
The Marketing WG is responsible for all promotional activities of the DAO. It develops and orchestrates marketing campaigns designed to promote the DAO and increase adoption. This includes brand development, PR, social media content, blog content, videos, memes and other marketing activities. The Marketing WG works closely with the Community and Growth WGs.

Business WG
he Business WG is responsible for the core business operations of the DAO. This includes treasury management, contracts, payroll, compliance, policies, procedures and all other operational activities to ensure the successful functioning of the DAO as a business.

Growth WG
The Growth WG is responsible for strategic activities to recruit:

  • web developers to build with the Hyperverse

  • smart contract developers for building smart modules

  • auditors to audit Hyperverse code

  • customers to build dapps on the Hyperverse.

It will identify and secure partnerships with leading ecosystem organizations and protocols, negotiate partnership agreements and collaborate with the Community WG to ensure requirements are successfully met. All WGs will work with protocol WGs and DAOs to ensure that each protocol’s unique needs are met.

Security Unit

The Security Unit consists of two WGs (auditors and registrars). Its mission is to ensure that all Hyperverse code, regardless of protocol, is high-quality, bug and vulnerability-free, well-documented and accessible to everyone. Within the security unit there is a core team, which includes one lead from each WG. Each of these WGs will have a lead and co-lead. WGs may choose to have multiple co-leads.

Registrars WG
The Registrars WG reviews all incoming contributions for the Hyperverse to ensure that all policies and specifications are adhered to. Each protocol will have a representative in the Registrars WG. This group also defines and implements the workflow procedures for accepting contributions to the DAO. It also administers all bounties and grants, regardless of protocol.

Auditors WG
The Auditors WG audits all code (smart contract and client) to ensure that it is high quality and free of bugs and vulnerabilities. Each protocol will have a representative in the Auditors WG. This group will also design, implement and manage the Hyperverse Audit Protocol to provide multi-audits with staking for all Hyperverse code.

Protocol Unit

The Protocol Unit WG consists of protocol WGs (Flow, Algorand, Ethereum, as well as EVM-focused on Metis, Polygon and Celo). These protocol WGs will be compiled of developers. Over time, more protocol WGs will form as contributors start to step up and take lead to build out on different chains. We are blockchain agnostic and want to continue building out the protocol WGs on every chain we can. This unit will also work to build out the Hyperverse and help provide technical specification.

Current protocol WGs for this season:



EVM-focused on Metis, Polygon and Celo